9 Brassey Road, Bournemouth, BH9 1PW

1.70 (1) Average Rating

9 Brassey Road, Bournemouth, BH9 1PW

Bedroom count 5

Bathroom count 2

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Dayna Gibson

Average rating - 1.7

Enfields is RUBBISH

This property is average. A lot of old stained broken things that even the estate agents are able to identify in inventory but do nothing about. Marks all over walls left by last years so obviously the deposit money isn't spent on maintenance of the property. The garden was extremely overgrown when we moved in which we brought up multiple times with Enfields but was ignored meaning we had to sort it ourselves. Tumble Dryer didn't work so got a new one installed which was prehistoric, covered in dirt and when plugged in tripped the power in the house out. Issues are resolved so slowly and landlord is uncontactable. Clearly an agency that doesn't care about its renters. Loctaion of the property is right next to a wine import place so constant noise from vans which would also usually block the driveway. One car can fit on the drive but you're beyond lucky if you manage to get a space to park on the road as double yellows all down it.

Furnished Yes

Rent (per month) £2200

Average bills (per month) £30

Value For Money

Condition of the Property

Location of the Property


Letting Agency

Speed at Which Issues are Resolved:

Created 3 months ago

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