28 Ensbury Park Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2SJ

2.30 (1) Average Rating

28 Ensbury Park Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2SJ

Bedroom count 6

Bathroom count 2

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Average rating - 2.3

Old, cold and mould

The furniture in the property has clearly not been replaced in years - we arrived to desks that were superglued together and fell apart when touched, broken door handles, a picnic table as a dining table and those disposable dehumidifiers everywhere. All of the curtains were covered in black mould to the point where we bought new ones out of pocket for the living room because they were so disgusting. The house is freezing (we're talking 12 degrees maximum) even with the heating on which causes more mould as well as extreme discomfort. We have reported this to MyStudentPod but they are insisting it isn't an issue despite it making the house illegal to let. We have no contact with the landlord who refuses to give out their personal information so all disputes go via the agency. The letting's agency is untrustworthy - they tried to charge the previous tenants for work when there was undeniable evidence that it hadn't been completed. The property used to be 4 bedrooms but the landlord got greedy and turned every square inch of the place into bedrooms, some of which are so small they are unusable. We currently occupy the house as a 4 bedroom property and have 2 as storage and drying rooms because they are unreasonably small. Over Christmas, we were informed not to arrange for any repairs to the property and to only call 999 instead of any contractors because the landlord didn't want to pay for the maintenance costs. When maintenance issues are acknowledged, they are fixed quickly but too frequently they are swept under the rug. Overall, wouldn't recommend the property or the letting's agency.

Furnished Yes

Rent (per month) £410

Average bills (per month) £40

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