72 Shellard Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7LU

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72 Shellard Road, Filton, Bristol, BS34 7LU

Bedroom count 4

Bathroom count 1

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Megha Garg

Average rating - 1.0


Beware of renting out property from A&E Avon Ltd., owners are Erika Szilvasi and Attila Berta. The couple will seem very genuine until you rent the property and then will start harrasing and threating you. I rented their house and they made everything seem so authentic and sympathetic until I actually moved in, whereafter they forced me to leave the property within 3 nights of renting it. Now the owners are not returning my deposit or advance rent paid. They aren't even responding to court letters and appear to be goons.

Furnished No

Rent (per month) £600

Average bills (per month) £0

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Created 4 months ago

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