57 57a Stanfield Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2NN

3.50 (1) Average Rating

57 57a Stanfield Road, Bournemouth, BH9 2NN

Bedroom count 5

Bathroom count 3

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Average rating - 3.5

Good house, awful letting agency

Avoid Enfields at all costs, they keep your deposit for the most ridiculous and unprovable reasons and take ages to fix anything. The landlord refused to give out their details which made sorting the bills are the end of the paperwork a pain and meant all correspondence had to go via Enfields. When we looked around the property there were 3 full bathrooms + a toilet but they removed one of the toilets before we got there and still charged us the same rent. Property viewings were requested without 24 hours notice. The house is decent - it's well furnished and mostly in good condition aside from the outdoor shed and the bannisters. Within 20 minute walking distance of uni which is solid. Overall, the property is decent but it would be better if it was managed by someone else.

Furnished Yes

Rent (per month) £420

Average bills (per month) £52

Value For Money

Condition of the Property

Location of the Property


Letting Agency

Speed at Which Issues are Resolved:

Created 3 months ago

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