89 Priory Road, Exeter, EX4 7AP

1.70 (1) Average Rating

89 Priory Road, Exeter, EX4 7AP

Bedroom count 7

Bathroom count 2

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Sophia Barkham

Average rating - 1.7


Took over a month to solve issues with wifi, and we ended up with no wifi for a bit before complaining as the landlord decided to cut our previous wifi before our new wifi was installed. In the age of online uni, this wasn’t very good. No communication from landlords. You have to ring and ask to get any information. Will mark all issues solved if you don’t ring up and complain. Cleaners they hired walked into the house without telling us (landlord didn’t tell us cleaners were coming - no communication as per) and used out washing machine for their personal clothes. Currently broken units in the kitchen, reported in October told they will be fixed in Feb. Do not use student cribs

Furnished Yes

Rent (per month) £153

Average bills (per month) £0

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Created 3 months ago

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