Finding a job or placement during Coronavirus… HELP!

PUBLISHED 01-June-2020 · UPDATED 01-June-2020

You, like me, might be in the awkward position of finding a placement or grad job during this lockdown. Not only are there barely any jobs out there due to the economic climate, employers have also put a pause on hiring whilst we can’t meet face to face. Oh and also, there’s more competition for jobs with people that have been made redundant. Great.

Ok so first off, finding a job or placement is hard at the best of times. I must have applied for over 30 placements before finding ‘the one’. The key is to be resilient, and not get bogged down by all the inevitable rejection. You’re great. Keep a PMA (positive mental attitude) and you’ll find something that’s right for you eventually.

To find a role in this increasingly competitive environment, you need to have an edge. With all this free time why don’t you brush up on your skills and do some virtual courses? Google have a bunch of free career development, marketing and tech courses which would boost any CV and help you win the job of your dreams. You can also find a fair few more courses about a range of topics from health and social care to finance on the GOV website.

Your university career service, if they’re anything like mine, have probably made a stack of resources to help you find a job in the current climate. I know it’s so easy to forget they exist, but I’ve found them really helpful for prepping for interviews and practising my technique. The careers advisers are probably still working, so why not even try and book a phone appointment with them to chat through your options?

Finding a role can be tough. My personal favourite career site is LinkedIn, as it’s easy to search for suitable jobs and you can even set little email alerts to tell you about new roles! When searching with LinkedIn, you often get the feature to apply with your profile so I think it’s important that your profile is as strong as possible. There are simple things to do, such as having a profile picture and bio. The more keen job searchers will even utilise the skills section and have references from past employers. The more full your profile is, the more complete view the recruiters get and the more they will be wow-ed. Maybe even add what clubs and societies you are involved with to help you stand out more!

Another way to find a role is to seek it out yourself. If you know the kind of industry or area you want to work, why not have a little Google to look for matching companies. Then, it’s just a case of popping them a prospective email with a cover letter and your CV or messaging someone who works there with your new snazzy LinkedIn profile and your foot is in the door. Even if they don’t have instant work for you, it is good to keep in contact as
there may be opportunities in the future!

Lastly, one way you can fill your time, give back to the community and build your CV is volunteering. There are so many charities which need our help right now, and again a quick search on the internet can tell you about all sorts of organisations which need help.

In this increasingly competitive market with more applicants and less jobs, I think the main thing we can all be doing is enhancing our CV with new skills or volunteering to make us stand out. Remember, don’t get disheartened in the first few tries. This is a marathon not a sprint. Also, let’s not take for granted all of this downtime we have for reflection and self-
improvement! We might never get a chance to put our undivided attention on this again.

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