You’ll see the phrase ‘be happy at home‘ throughout our website and online presence but what does it mean? It’s our way of bringing together our three core values:

  1. Students deserve to be treated with the same respect as those not in education.
  2. Students need a platform to create a collective voice to balance the inequality of power between students and landlords/letting agents.
  3. Great landlords and letting agents, with safe and reasonably priced properties should have somewhere they can be recognised.

We believe that once these values are acted upon, students are more likely to be happy at home.

So, who are we?

Unilet Advisor is the brain child of a recent graduate (Jordan) and a father of two current students (Nizan). Realising that the property disputes between students and landlords or letting agents were more prevalent than ever, they agreed it was time for a way to distinguish the good from the bad and curb the tyranny of sub-standard student housing and cowboy landlords.

Our battle plan is simple; allow students to rate and review the properties they’ve lived in and let average ratings for each property speak for themselves. Our hope is that those landlords and letting agents who have shown care, respect and decency will rise to the top.