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Student house of horrors: fresh hell in Hull

Every time we wanted to leave the house, we had to ask the workmen to let us out… sometimes arriving late or even missing lectures at uni due to not being able to get out of the house!


Student house of horrors: a shock in Sunderland

“we forgot to put the bins out and the landlord made a tenant run after the bin lorry down the street at 7am”


What does distance learning mean for university students in the UK?

To some, this comes with feelings of relief. To others, it’s a final nail in the coffin of what’s shaped up to be a really disappointing uni experience.


Making sure BLM is here to stay

A huge amount of the threat racism poses is contained in that many don’t even know how it affects different people.


Student guide to banking: Best bang for your buck

It’s no surprise that there’s a myriad of banks who want you to house that large lump of a student loan with them.


Sourcing free legal advice for private renting

I’m under the impression that for too long, students have been taken for a ride on the back of our lacking knowledge of our rights as tenants.


Freshers Guide To: Sports and Societies

If you’re thinking about joining a sport – here are the need-to-knows.


A letter to my first year self

Everything is figureoutable. The silver lining of this is that it is a chance to make friends.


Finding a job or placement during Coronavirus… HELP!

To find a role in this increasingly competitive environment, you need to have an edge.

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